Oh, the Hypocrisy

I just can’t stand it. God damn, do I hate it. When people can dish it out, but then can’t take it in return…it drives me bat shit crazy. Sure, one can find hypocrisy practically everywhere, but in my world, I come across it most frequently among fundies. And it pisses me off.

They work so hard to tell the non-fundies of the world about the wickedness of their ways. They even try to use the law to prevent people from making what they perceive as wrong choices, even if they are personal decisions that have no effect on society at large. They should all carry signs that say, “Even if you aren’t a fundie, you’d better damn well live a fundie kind of life!” Because they truly see the world this way. And they get pissy if someone gets upset about it. They bitch incessantly about people that find any offense with their message. They expect others to see that they share their message out of love and concern. In fact, non-fundies should thank them for sharing the truth. Oh, yippee! Fuck.

They do these things and then get their panties all up in a wad when someone dares to imply that fundamentalism doesn’t offer the path to perfection. I’ve had a person tell me that she tells her gay friends where she stands, and they should not be offended by it. Meanwhile, in the exact same paragraph, she told me she finds my distaste for the church offensive because I suggested that fundies don’t live like Jesus lived. You see, fundies are allowed to share what they think openly, and we should exuberantly embrace their words with gratitude, but non-fundies are absolutely not to share what they think openly because fundies find it offensive. Yeah, makes sense.

They expect others to listen to them intently, but they themselves refuse to listen to anyone. They truy believe no one else outside of the fundie world says anything worth listening to. How fucking arrogant.

Well, listen up, bitches. I don’t find what you say offensive, but I do find your hypocritical refusal to listen to anyone else among your constant barrage of criticisms of everyone different than you annoying as fuck. I guess the fundies got it partially right when they decided all non-fundies will go to hell. Because fundies have created hell on earth for so many non-fundies for so long that many non-fundies really do end up living in hell. We’ve got gay teenagers jumping off bridges and putting shot guns to their heads because the fundie way of living has made their lives such a miserable, living hell that death seems preferable to continuing on in this world. But, if you tell a fundie this, they won’t agree that the hell created for these young people lead to their suicide. They’ll tell you the decision not to turn their gayness over to God lead to their misery and destruction. Of course, consulting people who actually are gay about this has no validity in their minds because they believe they know more about being a homosexual than actual homosexuals do. Yeah, because I don’t know any teenagers that would have a hard time living in a world in which something so intimately a part of them is stigmatized, hated, and treated with disdain by so many. Teenagers are so resilient when it comes to that kind of shit.

I say if you can’t handle people telling you their opinions, then shut up about your own. Can you fundies not engage in a civil and honest dialogue in which you listen to and consider everything being put on the table as much as you expect others to listen to and consider your thoughts? If you are incapabe of doing something so simple, then shut your god damn pie hole.


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