Creationism IV

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The Crocoduck.


 I feel beyond embarrassed that I am the same species as Kirk Cameron. 

Yes, Kirk Cameron, you are correct that no evolutionist has ever found a fossil of such a thing. But that is because we know they don’t exist. So, no, no one is looking for them you stupid, stupid asshole.

Kirk shows willfull ignorance, and I have no toleration for it. I understand if one does not know because one has not had the opportunity to learn. But, I do not understand having the opportunity to learn and refusing to do so, all the while, vomiting such stupid fucking ignorance.

No one is looking for a god damn crocoduck. And if you took the time to learn anything about evolution, you’d fucking know that. 

No evolutionist anywhere suggests that the top half of a species changes into a different species while the bottom half remains the same. Does this fucking idiot think that evolutionists claim that the change happens from the top of the animal and slowly moves its way down? 

God fucking damn. 

Species evolve very slowly over time, and the changes certainly don’t go in the order of “head first, then, neck, then chest…” and so forth. And the changes do not occur nearly so dramatically as a duck changing directly into a crocodile. It doesn’t work that way. And no one claims that it does. 

It is important to remember that evolution is not a linear process. It branches. You can better understand why by reading this.

Kirk claims scientists have discovered no transitional fossils because he doesn’t understand what the term transitional fossil means. But, people that do not know any better hear his outrageous claims and cheer him on like a giant orgasm of idiocy. A transitional fossil does not mean a fossil with the head of one species and the body of a different, very distantly related species. And anyone that thinks so is a fucking idiot.

Real transitional fossils do indeed exist in spite of the absence of Kirk’s imaginary fairy land fossils. 

You can see real transitional fossils that Kirk claims do not exist hereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. Of course, there are MANY more you could read about, but I don’t have the time nor the desire to sit here for the next 7 days doing nothing but hyperlinking web pages. But, you get the point.

In fact, transitional fossils provide a means of testing various aspects of evolutionary theory. For example, if scientists develop a branch of the evolutionary tree and want to test whether they have constructed it correctly, one way to do so is to predict an area and time period that a transitional fossil would lie if the branch is correct. They can then use that prediction to form a hypothesis and then, try to find the fossil in the area they predicted. If they find it, which has happened, the hypothesis is supported. They can combine this with other ways of testing an evolutionary branch to determine if the branch is likely correct or if it requires alterations.

I cannot think of any excuse for this kind of willful, moronic understanding of the world. I am quite sure that Kirk Cameron has the finances available to have a computer and internet access right in his very own home. With so much information available at his fingertips, he has no excuse for running around making ridiculous, outrageously idiotic claims about a scientific theory he does not know shit about. 

If you refuse to take the time to learn about an idea, you have not earned the right to have your refutations of that idea taken seriously. Go hang that picture of your fucking crocoduck on your living room wall at home, Kirk, so you can make daily announcements about both your laziness and your unwillingness to learn about something before adding your own idiotic commentary on the matter. Way to be anti-education and to use your fame to lead others down the path of non-education.


The Gay Agenda

I recently read an article about the American Family Association’s reaction to the United States Post Office’s creation of a stamp honoring Harvey Milk. The AFA stated that they will not accept any mail with a Harvey Milk stamp on it, and encouraged their members/followers to refuse to purchase these stamps at the post office.

I have so much to say in response to this shit, it will be challenging to keep this post at an appropriate length. 

First, I would like to address the American Family Association as a whole. They claim to be pro-family and, in particular, pro-Christian-family. And, by all means, I find no problem with that on the surface. But, when you dig down not far below the surface of this organization, you find layers of bullshit upon layers of bullshit.

The political leaders this association supports repeatedly vote against policies that would allow parents to spend more time with their children, offer equal education to children, help single parents avoid homelessness, and give children in poverty an extra hand. And yet, they have the fucking audacity to call themselves pro-family because they stand against gay marriage.

Ah, gay marriage. The family destroyer! Those god damn gays! Destroying families everywhere they go! Fuck.

This is a little off subject, but since I’m ranting and raving anyway…where I live, the state permits gay couples to both foster and adopt children. The Catholic Church, in disgust, decided to cease all of its services aimed to help homeless children because they refused to support agencies that placed children into the homes of gay couples. Yeah, that’s right. They think children will fair better growing up as an orphan with no family at all than growing up in the home of a gay couple that gives them love and stability. That’s just fucking sick. 

But, back to the American Family Association, these ass wipes find homosexuality so appalling that they refuse to even open mail sent by someone that used a stamp with the face of a gay man printed on it. Maybe that mail contained a letter from a struggling parent desperate for help that didn’t even notice what stamp he/she used from the post office, but I guess that doesn’t fucking matter. Far more important, they must employ shaming and isolating practices toward homosexuals.

As I have attempted to discuss how appalled I feel at this reaction from the AFA, fundies have criticized me for supporting “the gay agenda.” None of them seems capable of explaing to me exactly what this gay agenda strives to do or what makes this agenda so harmful. They seem to believe that gay people hope to take over the world and make everyone gay. Maybe because fundies want to take over the world and make everyone a fundie, they assume everyone that belongs to any other group desires the same? 

Yes, I did say fundies want to take over the world. Because they do. They want to elect only fundie political leaders, and they want laws in place that serve no purpose other than to force non-fundies to live according to fundie rules. 

If a gay agenda does indeed exist, it seeks to gain equal rights. Gay people want to go to work and not have to pretend to be heterosexual so their bigoted asshole of a boss won’t fire them despite their stellar work performance. They want the ability to marry the love of their lives if they turn out lucky enough to find him/her. They want the same rights EVERYONE ELSE has. 

The AFA bitches about religious freedom all the damn time. What about churches that do not see participating in a homosexual relationship as sinful and that want to perform marriage ceremonies for gay people? What about their religious freedoms? I’ll tell you. The AFA will gladly walk right up and take a giant shit on their religious freedoms. Because they genuinely do not care about anyone’s freedoms except their own. They bitch and bitch at the slightest threat to their own religious freedoms, but they will all the while take actions to take away other people’s religious freedoms. They don’t seem to understand that religious freedom isn’t religious freedom if only one religion has it. 

Fuck. Just fuck, fuck, fuck. 

Lastly, I don’t recall reading anywhere in the Gospels about Jesus shaming anyone except religious fucktards that felt they were better than everyone else. He never said anything about avoiding things marked with gayness. In fact, he never said anything about homosexuality at all. So why the big fuss? Fundies obsess over what gay people do, even going so far as to blame catastrophic events such as hurricane Katrina and 9/11 on them. If it was really that god damn important, don’t you think Jesus would have at least mentioned it once?

We’ve got young girls being kidnapped and sold through the sex trafficking industry. We’ve got kids digging through garbage dumps trying to find enough food to avoid starving to death.  We’ve got more orphans than families willing to take them in. We’ve got large corporations abusing and exploiting those in poverty around the globe. But, what do they concern themselves with? Fucking postage stamps. 

If the Jesus I read about in the Gospels lived here on earth today, I seriously doubt he would give the slightest shit about the United States Post Office. He’d be too busy trying to help people to worry about a damn postage stamp. I think I could tolerate fundies if they’d actually live like the one person they claim to model their lives after. 

So, go ahead and bitch about “the gay agenda,” fundies. But, in turn, I will bitch about you and your fucking agenda which is anti-love, anti-orphans, anti-fair…and anti-Jesus.