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The Fuckocrat

I know an old hag that never refers to a democrat as a democrat. She instead prefers to call them “low information voters.” Is this some right wing phrase that I’ve only heard in one place? Or is this some special phrase she coined herself? I honestly don’t know. But it’s fucking special alright.

Why doesn’t she just get up and shout, “Everyone that disagrees with me is stupid!”

I will say this phenomenon is not isolated to extreme conservatives, though. Extreme liberals are equally as guilty of this charge. They listen to one side. They get partial information, but believe they have all of the information. They then conclude that anyone that doesn’t agree with them simply doesn’t know what the fuck is going on.

But, in my world, I see this from conservatives more than liberals simply because I have so many conservative friends that have lingered from my fundie life. So that is what I’m going to bitch about today. But, this post could easily be re-written by replacing the word conservatives with liberals and replacing Fox News with MSNBC. I fully acknowledge that.

I’ve been asked what my political views are. Of course, by this, people usually are asking whether I’m a republican or a democrat. Well, I’m neither. I’m a fuckocrat.

What? You’ve never heard of a fuckocrat? OK, ok. I made that shit up. But, I do consider myself to be one. A fuckocrat is a person that aligns with neither the republicans or democrats or any other party. They simply realize that the American government, regardless of which administration is currently in charge, is fucking the vast majority of American citizens over. To state it in one sentence, a fuckocrat is a person that believes we’re all getting fucked by the man.

As a die hard fuckocrat, I believe in education, investigation, and research about current issues and events. And not from sources that insist on giving only partial information to advance their agenda.

Fox News has spent countless hours bitching about the Benghazi disaster. And conservatives are eating it up to this day. I’m sure that whatever did happen, it really was sleazy. Being a fuckocrat, I’m always watching with a suspicious eye. But, where were these conservatives when far larger numbers of soldiers were dying in a war that was started on a premise that was proven false? I know where the conservatives were back then. They were rallying behind George W. as the “chosen man of God.”

You see, all a politician has to do is get up behind a podium, quote a few scriptures, say he is a Christian, and babble some gibberish about abortion and prayer, and no matter what else they say or do, they will have automatically earned a very, very large number of votes. And not only will they get the votes, but they’ll get continued, unfettered support throughout their term, regardless of what they do. They can do the most evil shit imaginable and the fundies will be right there cheering those fuckers on.

I remember George W. being given a list of suggestions provided by the top military leaders in our nation and supported by congress. It was a huge fucking list. I don’t remember how many suggestions, but it was a LOT. George W. rejected ever god damn one of them. Every god damn one. He thought he knew better than experienced professionals on each and every point. He went his own way and used his presidential power to do whatever the hell he wanted. The fundies applauded ol’ Georgey, saying he wasn’t going to let those ass hats in Washington tell him what to do. He was gonna get ‘er done right.

Fast forward to the Obama administration. Obama has used his presidential power to go against the Washington ass hats plenty of times himself. But the fundies have now changed their tune, offering a much different reaction. They call for Obama’s impeachment for abusing his power as president. They call him a dictator or refer to him as King Hussein (’cause we just can’t forget that his middle name is the same as the first name of a terrorist..because that really fucking matters).

I knew a guy that practically got a woody every time he heard the term “Republican Party.” To him, they were the cake with special frosting and a scoop of ice cream on top. He told me once that Obama was a dick because he wanted the rich to have the biggest tax breaks and the poor and middle class to carry the largest tax burden. He expressed to me what a terrible economic strategy that is. I informed him that it is actually republicans that support this strategy. They believe giving tax breaks to the rich will cause that savings to trickle down to the undeserving maggots in the dung pile at the bottom of the economic ladder. Because, you know, rich people are well known for their generosity and tendency to pass the money onto the little guy. He went home and looked it up. A week later, we were having dinner, and he brought this up again, admitting it was the republicans that support this economic strategy. He then began to defend it, explaining that people won’t have anything to work toward if they know they just have to pay more taxes if they make more money.

First, I explained that it would be asinine to decide to not go from making $20,000 per year to $300,000 per year because of the increase in tax rate. Unless one would then have to pay $180,000 per year in taxes. So, that’s a pretty fucking stupid argument.

But, second, I was astonished that when he believed Obama supported an idea, he was completely against it and disgusted by it. But, as soon as he found out republican politicians supported the idea, it magically became a good thing and a fantabulous idea. But, this is how people are. They pick a side and follow it blindly.

This all resulted from a very big problem in this country. This country has too many lazy assholes that don’t want to think. And they certainly don’t want to read…unless it’s browsing their favorite little biased websites looking for memes posted by some jackass that picks and chooses what and who to bitch about based on what makes their side look like heroes while demonizing the other side. They’d much rather parrot what Fox News tells them to think. I have seen so many articles posted in my Facebook newsfeed recently that genuinely describe democrats as evil intentioned people that hate America and seek to destroy it. The republicans, on the contrary, are the patriots, fighting the good fight for America, trying to protect it from these liberal monsters. There really are people that believe this…and it is no small number of people that do.

I think the government wants it this way. They want us arguing with each other. If we keep ourselves occupied with arguing with one another, we’ll be far too busy to even notice all the serious fucked up bullshit our American government does. The policies of our government are designed to benefit a very minute portion of American citizens…of course, this minute portion is also the richest portion and that is obviously not a coincidence. They’re the ones that fund the politicians’ campaigns and slip money into their pockets any chance they get as a little reminder of who to keep as the priority. Our political leaders drop to their knees and suck these rich mother fuckers’ dicks with the promise that they’ll be taken care of once the blow job is complete. And it works. But, isn’t prostitution illegal in this country?

And what do we do about it? We fall in love with our political party and cheer them on like a bunch of dumbasses. This is just an entirely new depth of stupidity. Imagine someone being thrown overboard a ship with big fucking weights chained onto their damn ankles. And the whole time, they’re singing the praises of those tossing them over. That’s what most Americans do. We’re god damn morons.

Republicans and democrats alike want us all be to be good, dumb little workers. They’ll throw us just enough scraps to keep us all placated while they forge ahead in their pursuit of power and wealth. They put a carrot on a stick out in front of us just to make us think that there is actually a chance that one day, we’ll get to have the carrot, too. Those shit heads know we never will. But, if they just keep dangling that carrot, telling us we actually do have equality in this country, that everyone actually does get a fair chance, that hard work really does pay off around here…we’ll be the ass that keeps walking toward that unobtainable carrot.

As a representative of the fuckocratic party, I beg of you all to think. Turn off Fox News. In fact, turn off all the news all together. They give you bits and pieces, but never show you the whole. Read. And read a lot. Read from all sides of an issue. And then read some more. Digest what you read. Process it. Criticize it. And then read some more. And then think some more. And then think a little more.

Once you’ve done that, get off your ass and do something about it. Fundies love to rave about our forefathers. You know what our forefathers did? They fought the whole god damn British army because of unfair tax laws and a lack of representation of the people’s interests in government. They fought and died to end that kind of bullshit. Then, we all just sat down and let our own government do the exact same shit.

There are more of us than them. So they don’t get away with it because of their size and power. They get away with it because we let them. We have given our permission.

Who’s with me! Join the fuckocratic party today! Let’s tell the man that the bullshit ends today, or we’ll see to it that it’s them that will end up fucked!